متحف الحرّية

OUR DREAM  is for the history of freedoms to be written by artists  


The Freedom Museum is an artistic curatorial space that offers unique solidarity with the unheard stories from the Arab uprisings in their relevance and intersectionalities with civil rights movements across History and Geography.

Ou virtual and the physical platforms in hybridity offer a unique experiencethe to the Arab region, the Arab diaspora in Canada, and around the globe, by celebrating the revolution of Contemporary Arab Art in its diverse expressions.

Passing the torch of knowledge about Freedoms, and defending aesthetics as an essential human right and in line with the Global Sustainable Development Goals is at the heart of our Freedom mission

The background story of the Freedom Museum project 

The Freedom Museum is proudly offered as a gift from a Syrian circle of dreamers to the world.

Launched on the 15th of March 2019, after eight years from the 2011 same date of the Syrian revolution. 

It has its own artistic hybridity methodology ( Being in two places at the same time) , that was resreached since 2011 and incubated academically during a three years fellowship granted to its founder Alma Salem to develop the concept in consultation with world class advisors of Devos Arts management Institute at Maryland University in Washington DC, USA,  presented and validated as a need during the 2018 fellowship in Washignton DC, and in consultation with the wider community during International forums such as : The Canadian network of curators ( established in Banff) , presented At the ISPA congress in New York 2019 - At Bozar Brussels - At les Beaux Arts de Paris - At le Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris - At the Habitat Centre in Delhi - At Salzburg Global Seminar Network - 

It is registered in Quebec - Canada under the name:  THE FREEDOM MUSEUM, LE MUSEE DE LA LIBERTÉ/ and is based on a curatorial research that came as a response model embracing the artistic revolution that emerged with this decade’s freedom movements in the Arab world. 

The research explored models, tools , mediums , curatorial approaches, ways of working and concepts of Hybridity, it was tested and developed through various International exhibitions designed and curated by Alma Salem since the year 2011.

read more about Syria Sixth Space artistic methodology https://www.almasalem.com/syria-sixth-space/ 

By the 18th of September of the year 2018 - The Freedom Museum as an establishment was registered in Canada and it saw the light as a natural growth of ambition to Syria Sixth Space experimental platform. It was founded at a time where the impact of the artistic revolutions in the Arab world started to resonate universally, and when specially the Syria freedom story and artistic productions became a global reference to practioners around the globe. A time of drastic changes where it needed to re-conceptualise itself connecting to similar stories in other times and places and aspiring for its narratives, artistic practices and production to be positioned on the History of Arts as an Avantgarde movement. 

The Freedom Museum was and will always be inspired by the Syria Freedom story as its compas, it will become a safe heaven, a refuge, a space of choice and response to all those who are in quest for their freedoms through contemporary artistic expression.  


The Freedom Museum also known as “Le Musée de la Liberté” and “ متحف الحرية“ is a public museum based in Montreal-Quebec with an online platform” The Agora - The Freedom Virtual Museum” currently under construction for a period of one year, a pop-up flexible platform” The Antenna - The Freedom roaming Museum”, and in the future it hopes to have its own building in Montreal (The Arena) 

The three platforms will embrace at the same time local and international artistic programming.

"The Freedom Museum" is a non-profit Museum aiming to create contemporary physical and virtual public artistic spaces at the same time to promote human rights, democracy, and citizenship, the organization defends Aesthetics as an essential human right, preserving the heritage of contemporary artistic expression of freedom movements in the Arab Region, Arabs in Canada and around the world.

Through the arts the interest of the organization is to preserve the history of artistic movements and expression of  freedoms seekers in history, to engage with the various arab communities in peaceful movements of justice which includes; children's rights, gender rights, indigenous rights, heritage protection, social inclusion of new immigrants and refugees, and addressing all issues related to freedom

The Space defends the rights of creative expression,, mobility, migration, resilience, equal distribution of natural resources and their sustainable policies, and altruism by giving voice, providing access and opportunities and participation to sensitive communities in public spheres and their right to choose their identities against all forms of censorship, abuse and oppression. 

The aspired influence of the Musée de la Liberté is to overcome all kinds of walls: social barriers, the limitation of the body and protect its development towards a multi-disablement - geographical boundaries, historical restrictions, intellectual limits and language barriers in Canada and around the world.

The Space Method is based on the theories and the innovative artistic techniques and technologies that it experiments and uses to achieve its objectives and values ​​of Freedom, Justice, Cultural Diversity, Dignity and Beauty including : New Technologies, Science, Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Experimentation, Education, Research, Publication, Archiving, Artistic Presentation, promoting New Ideas, Dialogue, and Psycho Support social.

The Museum Defends and promotes sensitizing the population to issues of migration, artistic rights of expression and violations of these rights that concern them, and the integration of vulnerable groups into the labor market using the medium of the arts. 

The Freedom Museum will build its archive by researching , educating, disseminating, opening conversations to rethink already existing collections virtual and others from the perspective of freedom seekers, it will be a shelter for artists who raised their voice, or represented their people’s freedoms quests. 

As part of its commitemnt to cultural diversity, the museum will be developing its content in a variation of three key languages: French, English and Arabic while aiming to finding opportunities to communicate in many more. 

The Freedom Museum is registered since

September 2018  as OBNL . Lettres patentes # 1173970170

(RLRQ,chapitre C-38) in Quebec - Canada